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Quantum Scalarwave Laser

We offer a scalar-wave, cold-wave laser (aka soft laser or Low Level Laser) technology unrivaled by none: the Scalar Wave Laser.

Our cold wave laser has been cleared by the FDA for pain, inflammation & stress reduction.  Also for over-the-counter sale and use. This means that a holistic practitioner may use it in their practice, but an individual who wants to take full command of their health options may also purchase one and use it on themselves, their relatives, and friends.  It is a medical device in the hands of a doctor, but a non-technical user-friendly device in the hands of a non-practioner.

Why use a cold-wave laser device?

Cold wave lasers donate photons to the mitochondria (where energy is created by the cell). This action spreads in a ripple effect to all adjoining cells, and works much like the action of the sun on plant life (creating chlorophyll and giving it life).  The Quantum Wave Laser a.k.a. Scalar Wave Laser is a rechargeable battery operated, hand-held Scalar Laser device that may be placed anywhere on the body and left there while it does its work. During the session you should be still and just relax their body and mind.

The 16 laser lights of our Scalar Wave Laser penetrate the skin safely to get to the cells of the area being treated. The skin benefits tremendously, as that is the first area in contact with the laser light. Aestheticians are using our lasers with amazing results!

Please do not confuse our cold-wave lasers with the hot-wave lasers used to cut through the skin by surgeons. Are ours are safe to place, and leave there for 2-20 minutes, on all areas of the body (except for the eyes and thyroid gland).  Until now you had to pay 4 times the cost of a laser of this quality. This laser was invented and is manufactured in the USA, not China, and comes with a full-year guarantee! It is a solid state top quality device that should last you thirty or more years. We have made it affordable for everyone!

Violet LED's are beneficial to the skin, and we have included 20 violet LED's lights surrounding our 16 laser diodes. This is a form of Color Therapy that is very good for maximum skin health.

Scalar waves, aka still point or neutral energy field, are created every time you use our Quantum Wave Laser device. This will remind the cells and body of your former healthy, pain-free, stress-free, inflammation-free state. These waves~fields of neutral energy are harmonizing to the body, mind, emotions, and soul. A peaceful state of being is felt within minutes of starting a Scalar Wave Laser session. A session may last anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes and most practitioners charge $2.00 per minute. Results for many are immediate. 

Frequency Training: Training your body to harmonize with the frequencies of healthy cells, organs, and body systems is part of the Quantum Wave Laser experience. We know that everything has its own unique frequency or vibration. With modern technology we are now able to catalog them. Foods have various frequencies: flavors, colors, scents, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and more.



An MP3 player may be attached to our cold wave laser device in order to play the harmonizing frequencies of classical music, crystal bowl sounds, meditation music, or religious/inspirational songs/music.


You do not have to be a medical doctor, esthetician, massage therapist, chiropractor, colon therapist, or acupuncturist. In most states you do not have to get any type of license in order to work on people since this has been approved by the FDA for over-the-counter use. That means that as long as you are not claiming to cure any disease and you are using it as a stress and pain relief device you are not breaking any medical laws.

You should check to see if your state requires that you get any type of license to work on others for payment. If you are not charging then there is no obligation on your part as you are then not classified as a professional practitioner.

The medical establishment has labeled certain symptoms with a "disease" name. If you are being treated by or have been "diagnosed" by a medical doctor as having a certain "disease", please be informed that we are not medical doctors and we therefore do not treat any "diseases" or any other condition. If you are in need of medical care please see a medical doctor. We support your right and desire to deal with medical doctors only. We would not try to change your mind about this. This site is about empowering the wholistic practitioner and individual with all the tools to take full command of wellness and return the body to holistic health. It is not about "disease".  Be thou empowered!

If you are interested in having this amazing easy-to-use laser, that has been cleared by the FDA for over-the-counter personal use, we will help you to make that happen.  I will give you the best price, the lowest price special and throw in some additional bonuses that include booklets, charts, training, support and a scalar-field pendant.

You may have it in your home or business next week by putting a 10% credit card deposit and the balance spread in small monthly payments over a 2 or 3 year period.

Call Jerry Brignoni today, or email me by using the contact form at the top right of this page, to make that happen: 770-666-8299

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