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Quantum Outdoors was founded in India in 2008, and has since grown into the largest Out-of-home (OOH) marketing companies across Northern India. We provide complete outdoor advertising solutions to our customers, many of whom are market leaders in industries such as Automobile, Telecom, Retail, Banking, and Media & Entertainment.

In the U.S. Quantum Outdoors is focused on providing hyper local marketing solutions. We provide media options such as Indoor Billboards, and a broad spectrum of Digital Advertising and Marketing services, including, but not limited to, geofencing and geo targeting. We are one of the fastest growing companies of this nature in the country, with millions of views each month enabling businesses to advertise where their customers work, shop, eat, and play!

With Indoor Digital Billboards, we simply take the concept of roadside (outdoor) digital billboards and bring them indoors onto large HDTV screens. We place them inside local businesses that have high customer traffic counts as well as significant dwell times. With over 2,500 indoor digital screens nationwide, we create over 35 Million impressions a year!


Indoor Billboard

Our Indoor Billboards are in popular places all over town. From restaurants to gyms, doctors’ offices to auto repair, you will be seen wherever your customers go! 
Billboards can’t be skipped or paused or blocked. Consumers on the go are targeted where they spend 70% of their waking hours.
Reach your customers where they are on the go in their daily lives.

Host an indoor digital billboard 

Joining our Indoor Billboard Network allows you to talk to your customers in a whole new way. 
We will install an indoor digital screen that has your messaging to educate and up-sell your existing customers with eye-catching ads. Your ads will also be played in other nearby Host locations that are non-competing.

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