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Quantum Outdoors

Quantum Outdoors, USA, is a subsidiary of Quantum Outdoors, one of
the largest Outdoor Marketing companies in India

  • Quantum Outdoors is launching its operations in the US in the Houston Metro area
  • Our vision is to expand Operations to Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio in the upcoming 5 yrs
  • We will offer Indoor Billboards, digital Menu Boards, and a broad spectrum of Digital Advertising and Marketing services
  • With Indoor Billboards, we simply take the concept of the roadside (outdoor) digital billboards and bring them indoors onto large HDTV screens
  • We place them inside local businesses that have high customer traffic count as well as significant dwell times
  • We will specialize in working with local business owners and helping support local communities

Tanuj Dewan, President and CEO

Tanuj is the owner and Managing Director of Quantum Outdoors, the parent company of Quantum Outdoors, USA. He started Quantum Outdoors in 2008 and has grown it into one of the largest outdoor marketing companies in Northern India. He brings with him over 19 years of leadership and industry experience and will be the driving force behind the growth and success of Quantum Outdoors USA

Daniel Garcia, Customer Success Representative

Daniel is a first-generation Texas native with Hispanic roots. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing and is a go-getter with an upbeat personality. Daniel brings years of experience as a marketing director, social media manager, and content creator.

Sonam Kala, Vice President and COO

Sonam has over 12 years of leadership experience in the Energy industry. She started her career as an engineer and has since spent her time advising Fortune 500 companies on Strategy and Operations issues. She will be managing the Operations of Quantum Outdoors, USA, and will leverage her extensive experience to ensure efficient Operations and realize synergies between the Indian and US teams

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